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22 March 2011 @ 10:45 pm
Byrnehold Legacy Chapter 1.0: Introductions and Silly Faces  

Join me, friends, as I travel uncharted territory playing The Sims Medieval's first legacy! As you may have guessed, this game is not capable of following legacy rules entirely. However, where possible I will fake genetics and aging with each new Ambition kingdom (ie, generation). I'll be focusing largely on the royal family, however, as this is a game about all the kingdom's heroes, we will also follow their lives throughout the generations. This is the story of the Castle Byrnehold and it's inhabitants.
Part One: Introducing Her Royal Highness

Presenting Lady Adalveig of Byrnehold, a young woman straddling the world of Viking and delicate lady. Her traits are Earthy, Morose, and Whale Ate My Parents. In her spare time she enjoys strolling through the woods to murder bears, and flashing her sword around.

Immediately, our young Lady is accosted by a bandit while...picking flowers. I'm sure she didn't pick that up from her father. She fights back, however, not some helpless damsel.

Bandit Trip Attack!

After defeating the brigand, our Lady performs the obligatory Viking Teabagging ritual.

Adelveig gets home to her castle for the first time? and is informed several suitors have come to visit her, and that she should speak to either the "hunky" Bard or the "cash-loaded" Merchant. Pajama Pants here doesn't look that hunky to me...but our Lady begins weeping into the stranger's arms, telling him the terrible tale of her fathers' demise in the belly of the White Whale...all the while flirting awkwardly as her advisor suggests.

Oh, whoops. The advisor meant Creepster over here. 

...Adelveig opts not to bother.

And instead wanders the castle, ranting at her servants about the White Whale.

She heads to the Physician to take care of a small injury, and scowls at the local populace for NO DISCERNIBLE REASON.


An overseas visitor from her homeland drops by, and the two girls swap the latest pillaging gossip.

After her new friend leaves, Adelveig decides to wander the town, scowling and being stalked by, I kid you not, "Vladmir".

She's already in a bad mood, and this bandit tries to snatch her purse?



Aw, she's crying at the sea. I guess she was just trying to catch a whale. ;(
Part Two: A Bard, A Spy, and A Witch Walk Into A Bar

I'll be making fairly short posts just introducing the characters to start with. Once all the Heroes are introduced and explored a llittle bit, I'll focus more on their interactions. 

And here's...uhm...whats-her-face. She's got the traits Insecure, a Hopeful Orphan, and Good. Seriously, what was her name? :|

Whats Her Face likes doing kung fu moves when she does her magic.

But looks a bit cuter and more serene when she's flooding the town trying to get more water in the wall. 8D

She's shy, but she met a nice dancer for The Medieval Village People who made her feel a bit better about herself. And gave her a funny looking piece of wood. :]

This is Giacomo. Can you guess what his traits are? That's right! Licentious, Vain, and Chivalrous.

And here's his half-sister, or cousin Cas--neither of them are entirely sure which it is. Adelveig's hired her on as the royal spy. She's Cruel, Adventurous, and Greedy.

Girl, you gonna get STONED in that outfit!

Cas doesn't like Giacomo very much.

She spends her nights getting in sober brawls and eavesdropping in the tavern...

...and spends her nights dreaming about poison, apparently.

Cas and the local constable are great friends.

Cas hates children. This is perfect, because she's greedy, and the tears of children are liquid gold.

Cas gets along well with Her Majesty, however, and sometimes seeks her advice when the tears of children give her indigestion.


It appears Cas' stomach is so distressed, she's even ignoring a potential fight to the death so she can stalk off to take her anger out on an unsuspecting servant...

Like this one?

And this one! (And countless others I got tired of editing screens for.)

Whelp, folks, there you have it. Patching together a legacy story is proving to be difficult work because of how very different the game is. I'm still figuring out how things work, and will try to squeeze in Hero time with each other in between quests. Harder than it sounds! This game definitely keeps you working.This is my first legacy, so if you have any tips or feedback, I'd appreciate it, just please don't be rude. :) And I am always happy to take questions about the game, though I would prefer if you posts those in the sims_medieval community.
periodic_toxicperiodic_toxic on March 24th, 2011 12:47 am (UTC)
Thank you! I'm glad to see at least someone enjoys it. :)

I am really enjoying it so far--I've written up a bit of a detailed "first impressions" post here:


But long story short I think it's great, so long as the player isn't too set on the things that have been cut out.

How to write a legacy in Sims Medieval: lots of work! It's not technically possible--you're right that children don't age. I haven't finished a playthrough/Ambition yet (you complete a sort of over-arching quest/goal and then I think the game ends), so I don't really know what happens when the game ends. I'm told there's free play, but frankly I like the structured gameplay.

Anyway, what I'll be doing is faking genetics and aging somewhat, for the sake of a story. You can make characters look pretty old or pretty young, and you can create them from copies of existing characters, so it is possible to alter them for time/genetics. It's a lot more work than in TS3 or TS2, and it's really all just faking a legacy, but I think the way the game respects a character's personality and choices also helps. I think in legacy stories there's a lot of "added on" story that really isn't in the game, but the game takes care of the animations and the genetics. TSM feels like it's the complete opposite. :)

Tip, though: If you do get it, I don't suggest buying a limited edition. It looks like the limited edition stuff is just pre-made from items/patterns already in the game, as far as I can tell.
siouxpergirlsiouxpergirl on March 24th, 2011 11:37 pm (UTC)
I read your review. It seems pretty fun from what I've heard.
Kind of like an RPG.

It does seem like a lot of work, but if you enjoy doing it that isn't a bad thing. I love the idea. :)

I'll most likely wait awhile before I consider getting it, but I'm intrigued now.
periodic_toxicperiodic_toxic on March 24th, 2011 11:47 pm (UTC)
It does feel a bit like they couldn't decide whether to make an RPG or a Sims game, so they cut out features of both. But the gameplay is still good.

It is a lot of work, yeah. xD

Waiting is probably a good idea, especially because mods are starting to come out (only 2 really basic ones, no intro and no censor, but at least the game is moddable) and the game would really improve with the right mods.