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27 March 2011 @ 04:55 pm
Byrnehold Legacy 1.2: Beginnings, Ends, and Woohoo (Heir Poll!)  

Part One: The Royals

In our last post, Queen Adelveig tried really hard to make babies. And succeeded, I guess...if that's the only criteria you're judging by.

She hooked up with this asshole, but at least she got a cute kid out of it.

A bastard daughter doesn't do a queen much good though, so she went and found a dude with good breeding and a nice beard.

Somehow, baby Donovan resulted.

And somehow, his daddy(?) doesn't mind.

Adelveig clearly does.

Donovan grows up even faster than his sister Brinh, dislikes fancy clothing even less than her, and enjoys skipping around the castle like a dork.

The two don't play together much. Brinh enjoys pretending to battle boys to the death in the town square, while Donovan likes, uhm, hanging out with the priests in the Church. That doesn't bode well. :x

I decide to follow them around a bit to statistically evaluate their cuteness. Brinh seems to like this kid Roghan, and battles him in the town square a lot.

My studies have also determined that PEOPLE ARE ASSHOLES.

Brinh makes a wish at the well, probably for a less psychotic mother and a daddy who doesn't make the other children scream and flee.

Donovan is still hooked on this whole "religion" thing. No idea where he got that from, it certainly wasn't his mother.

Okay, time for random end of section picspam, since kid pictures are hard to get.

Gossip is not a healthy habit, Adelveig.


This man was nice enough to rub his wood all over Cas' face.

"Your Highness, I can't work under these conditions!"


Part Two: The Other Guys

It's mating season, and no one is immune.

That means you, Frea.

Remember that minor romance with Giacomo (who is now a Merchant and owns his own home, albeit a drab one)? And Frea's Insecure trait which makes her lonely? Well, I have her head over to Giacomo's to make her feel better. He seems nice enough, and comforts her vigorously.

I know where that hand is headed, Gia!

... comforts her a little too vigorously.

GIIIIIIAAAAAAA Frea got a disease that sounded suspiciously like an STD after this encounter.

Whelp, mission accomplished.

Frea locks herself in her tower and has the baby all alone, which made me kind of sad. :(

Baby Adaline has the traits Creative Cook, Excitable, and Coward. This should be interesting.

Cas eventually arrives after a foreign mission to check in on her friend.

At least Cas is an awesome aunt. :) Adaline grows up super cute.

As it turns out, Adaline also likes hanging out around the church.

I think she has a little crush on Donovan? :3

Well, nothing else to report I think. Let's age the kids up and--

Oh? Where are you all headed off to?

Some kind of secret party Adelveig isn't invited to? HA HA, what a silly thought. :D


They do this EVERY night now. All of the diplomats, and the court attendants, they just leave and start partying behind the castle. Without Adelveig. Bastards.
Part Three: Agin' the Kids Up!

Here's my favorite part. :D I'm considering this age "teenager" or "young adult", as I considered Adelveig a young adult when I started, ~ 19.

I'll show how I imitated the genetics, basing the end result on the parents' saved faces and whatever hair and skin color the game chose. First, here's Adelveig aged up a bit. I had her start using less maidenly hair and clothing towards the end of the Ambition, and now I'm adding on wrinkles and a bit more of a scowl.

So, Frea. I started off with the saved version of younger Adelveig...

...simply changed her hair to the appropriate color, and fixed the style...

...then made some slight adjustments. Voila!

Now, it's Donovan's turn. I started out with his father's face, and changed the skin color to what seemed close to the kid's skin color.

Then changed his hair to a less silly color, and gave him blue eyes from his mother's side.

Now it's Adaline's turn. She's the youngest, so I'll try and make her look ~ 15 to 19. I ended up deleting the process pictures, but basically she has Gia's face as a base, her mom's hair and eyebrows, a skin color in between the two, and her aunt's nose.

Whelp, that's all the kids for now. Brinh becomes a Knight, Donovan joins the clergy, and Adaline works at her mom's tower as an apothecary. I adore all of them. :3

She's also afraid of the dark, which is kind of hilarious when she stands out there looking terrified. Brinh, on the other hand...

...is one badass mother%#$@er.

As you can see, Adelveig's taught her daughter the art of the teabag. I'm not sure whether she's taught Donovan, though.

Who, by the way, is a huge sweetheart of a priest. He's constantly consoling people and giving out hugs. It's like, ALL HE EVER DOES.

He's kind of adorable, though. He's Friendly, Good, and has a Weak Constitution, by the way.

And he's so nice, even though clearly the entire town loves trying his patience.

"Please Watcher, make these people go away." I'm tryin' dude, I'm tryin'.

Brinh doesn't get along very well with her father.

Especially when she finds him in a bandit camp.

"I do NOT believe what I am SEEING!" (Gotta love the totally useless guard over there.)

Oh shit, it's THE FIRE NATION!

She likes to play magic with Frea (who hasn't aged, you notice?) which doesn't always end well.

Aww, Donovan is comforting her. :3

Wait, why are you praying...?


You go right back to your brother and tell him religion is for puddingfaces, Brinh!

"Religion is for puddingfaces!" Damn right Brinh, damn right. >:(

This is Brinh's buddy Roghan, that kid she used to fight with. I'm not sure if I ever mentioned, but Frea is Adventurous, Bloodthirsty, and Fun-Loving.

Good job, Brinh, whatever it is you just did! :D

Roghan really likes books...and Brinh really likes Roghan.

Whelp, there you have it. Brinh didn't really get Adelveig's iron vag, and neither did Donovan, I'm afraid. But hey, maybe it skips a generation. :D

As it is, Brinh's the heir apparent despite being a girl and a bastard girl at that. But, Donovan doesn't really want anything to do with the crown, and Adelveig thinks he's too soft. Brinh might not be a hardass, but she is a badass, which Adelveig'll take any day. Plus she's the eldest, and the people of Byrnehold have pretty much accepted their Queen is already batshit crazy, so they won't really make a fuss. But, Donovan does have a superior right to the throne if he wishes to assert it. So, who's it gonna be? Donovan or Brinh? :)

Poll #1723526 Heir Poll: Generation One

Who should be the heir?

Kerrie: Pokey Tongue Polaroidkezz_14 on March 28th, 2011 07:24 am (UTC)
I voted for Brinh anyway. Was tempted to vote for Donovan cos he's such a softie but Brinh will probably be more exciting. I love this 'legacy' by the way. I can't wait to get my copy of this game!
anothersimsfan on March 28th, 2011 09:44 am (UTC)
Please post pictures when you do :D I am going nuts over wishing I could play this!